Cattani Turbo Smart 'A' Suction

Cattani Turbo Smart 'A' Suction
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Cattani Turbosmart 'A' Suction:

  • Consistent suction with automatic varying speed
  • High airflow and controlled heat output
  • Easy upgrade from a 2 surgery to a 4 surgery unit
  • Small footprint and energy saving
  • Smart motor starting

Whatever the demand, Turbo-Smart automatically applies the correct vacuum to suit any procedure without compromising efficiency. Vacuum can also be adjusted at set up to suit the dentists initial requirements.

Turbo-Smart information centre (CPU) keeps operators informed of any maintenance required before any interruption to practice schedules can occur. Other monitoring features include: vacuum level, appliance temperature, room temperature, hours worked, power used, amalgam level monitoring, and a constant operating conditions display.

Depending upon the software incorporated the same unit can power either two or four surgeries.

Turbo-Smart will fit most spaces within a surgery and operates off a 230V 13A socket.

For 2 surgeries running simultaneoulsy.
Output power 1.22 kW - 7A.
Maximum pressure -210 mbar.
Maximum flow 1400 l/min.
68.2 dB(A)  Maximum speed = 4800 rpm
Height = 645mm  Width = 400mm  Depth = 330mm
Turbo Smart B
For up to 4 surgeries (3 surgeries when connected to a 40mm main suction line; 4 surgeries when connected to a 50mm main suction line).
Output power 1.5 kW - 9A.
Maximum pressure -210 mbar.
Maximum flow 1700 l/min.  69.6 dB(A).
Maximum speed = 6200 rpm.
Height = 645mm   Width = 400mm   Depth = 330mm