Expasyl "Mini" Starter Kit

Expasyl "Mini" Starter Kit
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Expasyl Premium Starter Kit - Strawberry


Expasyl is a paste for temporary gingival retraction that ensures separation of the marginal gingiva and drying of the sulcus.

Usually 1 capsule allows 2 to 3 retractions, up to 8 retractions depending on technique.

  • Respect of the peridontium: The consistency of Expasyl is especially formulated not to damage the healthy peridontium; The phenomena of gingival recession of bone resorption are thus avoided. 
  • Optimal ergonomics and saving of time: Gingival retraction is obtained by a single application of Expasyl in the sulcus. After 1 -2 minutes, Expasyl, easily visable owing to it's colour, is simply eliminated by an air/water spray, therefore a dry and widely opened sulcus can be obtained
  • Painless method when Expasyl is used on a healthy periodontium
  • Expasyl has astringent and hemostatic surface properties by compression: absence of bleeding or oozing allows a perfectly dry sulcus to be acheived
  • Mean duration of retraction: 1 - 2 minutes


Starter kit includes:

 1 x Applicator Gun

6 x Capsules 

12 x Cannulas



Tutorial video below: