NSK AS2000 Dental Air Scaler - 4 hole

NSK AS2000 Dental Air Scaler - 4 hole
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NSK AS2000 Dental Air Scaler - 4 Hole:

The AS2000 is a Midwest 4 hole air scaler, simple to use and easy to operate by simply attaching to any 4 hole tubing on your dental delivery unit or patient table. Although piezo scalers are all the rage they are problematic with the leads either clogging up or the wires inside breaking. Manual scaling is always an option but our customers tell us it takes a lot longer thus costs you money in lost time. Every surgery should have one of these as you can just pop it in the drawer and forget about it until you need it!

Kit includes 2 x scaling tips and a torque wrench.

4 Hole scaler


  • Lightweight

  • Cost effective

  • Handpiece and tips are autoclaveable at 135°C max


  • 2.2 - 2.5 mpa
  • Weight: 69g