Satelec Air n Go Polishing Powder (Classic) 4 x 250g Bottles

Satelec Air n Go Polishing Powder (Classic) 4 x 250g Bottles
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* Air & Go Classic Powder Flavours::

Satelec Air n Go Polishing Powder (Classic): Pack of 4 x 250g bottles:

Ensure the Beauty and Health of your patients' teeth and the sustainability of their implants thanks to the new generation of prophylactic powders, specially designed to offer you increased gentleness
and an outstanding level of comfort. Increase possibilities for care and treatment with the new AIR-N-GO® formulas.
  •  AIR-N-GO “CLASSIC” and “PEARL” powders for SUPRA-gingival prophylaxis treatments.
  •  AIR-N-GO “PERIO” powder for periodontal SUB-gingival treatments.

This new concept of well-being relies on providing appropriate and tailored care to make daily prophylaxis easier.

The “CLASSIC” AIR-N-GO® powders offer a carefully selected range of flavours based on 100% natural aromas or essential oils to suit your patients' preferences.
The fine balance between flavour and sodium saccharin concentration removes any unpleasant salty taste and offers a feeling of freshness and immediate wellbeing.


  • Neutral
  • Cola
  • Raspberry
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon

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