Satelec Bone Surgery Kit (BS II)

Satelec Bone Surgery Kit (BS II)
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Satelec Bone Surgery Kit:


Specifically designed to address periodontal and pre-implant surgery, this kit will allow bone cutting, exeresis and osteoplasty without any risk of damage to soft tissue.

Comprising of 6 ultrasonic tips (three saws and three scalpels) adapted to the different cases that arise in the intra oral environment, the BS II kit is used for clinical treatments such as bone harvesting, crest expansion, preparation of the implant site and accessing the lower alveolar nerve.

Kit contains: 6 tips (BS1 II, BS2L II, BS2R II, BS4 II, BS5 II, BS6 II) and a stainless steel box


Ref. F87509*

*If you have the older Piezotome/Implant centre 1 unit, please ask us to order the type 1 equivalent kit for you as thread is slightly different. Prices are exactly the same