Satelec BS1 II Bone Surgery Tip

Satelec BS1 II Bone Surgery Tip
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Satelec BS1 II Bone Surgery Tip


Ultra sharp and robust saw, equipped with 4 specifically deisgned teeth, intended for: In depth cutting of cortical bone in pre implant surgery/surgical orthodontics piezocision 2/bone distraction.

Depth of cut: 9mm

The laser marker, placed every 3mm, makes it easier to gauge bone deficit and control depth of cut.

The extremely sharp bone saw is particularly effective during chin and ramus bone harvesting.


Ref. F87501* 

*If you have the older Piezotome/Implant centre 1 unit, please ask us to order the type 1 equivalent (BS1) for you as thread is slightly different. Prices are exactly the same