Satelec Crest Splitting Kit (II)

Satelec Crest Splitting Kit (II)
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Satelec Crest Splitting Kit:


A new, progressive and controlled crest splitting techique

The CS Tips can smoothly enlarge the crest, avoiding the risk of bone breaking. The optimized visability of the surgical field allows to perform fast and less traumatic procedures.

Benefits include: Maximum predictability, fast and less traumatic surgery, minimum bone loss and a selective cut

Kit contains: 6 tips (CS1 II, CS2 II, CS2 II, CS4 II, CS5 II, CS6 II), easy torque wrench and a stainless steel box


Ref. F87567*

*If you have the older Piezotome/Implant centre 1 unit, please ask us to order the type 1 equivalent tip for you as thread is slightly different. Prices are exactly the same