Satelec Extraction Kit (II)

Satelec Extraction Kit (II)
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Satelec Extraction Kit:


Specifically designed to address periodontal and pre-implant surgery, this kit reduces post extraction trauma

This kit is intended for clinical acts such as extraction of wisdom teeth, fractured roots, impacted teeth and root section.

The 6 ultrasonic tips are each adapted to the anatomical context (reduced visability and space) of anterior and posterior areas.

The tip fits between the root and the alveolar bone, detaching the ligament. The tooth is then separated and removed "gently". Micro-ultrasonic occilations cause detachment of the ligament without damaging the surrounding soft tissue.

Kit contains: 6 tips (LC1 II, LC1-90° II, LC2 II, LC2L II, LC2R II, NINJA II) and a stainless steel box


Ref. F87546*

*If you have the older Piezotome/Implant centre 1 unit, please ask us to order the type 1 equivalent tip for you as thread is slightly different. Prices are exactly the same