Satelec SL4 II Sinus Lift Tip

Satelec SL4 II Sinus Lift Tip
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Satelec SL4 II Sinus Lift Tip


Non cutting spatula, orientated at 90°, for sinus membrane elevation inside the sinus.

This tip is intended for sinus membrane elevation and disingagement of anatomical structures. During use, the practitioner should keep it permanently touching the bone edges. The elevation is undertaken at the apical, mesial then distal parts. Finally in the case of a cyst, the SL4 tip separates it from the osseous wall.

Spatula diameter: 4mm


Ref. F87514*

*If you have the older Piezotome/Implant centre 1 unit, please ask us to order the type 1 equivalent tip for you as thread is slightly different. Prices are exactly the same