Satelec SP Newtron Scaler (Module Only)

Satelec SP Newtron Scaler (Module Only)
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Satelec SP Newtron Built-In Scaler: Module ONLY

Satelec® presents its latest piezoelectric ultrasonic generator : Suprasson® P5 Newtron. Combining the benefits of powerful Newtron® technology in the state-of-the-art control module and the ergonomics of the patented Satelec Color Coding System, the P5 Newtron® provides the best performance and the widest choice of ultrasonic instruments available in the marketplace today. The Newtron technology enables real-time adjustment of the tips’ single plane oscillation amplitude (Cruise Control™) which means a smooth, constant and powerful vibration during treatment.


  •  SP Newtron Built in module
  • 81” light grey cord (specify if different colour required)
  • Autoclavable Newtron handpiece
  • N1,10X and 10Z scaler tips
  •   Blue autoclavable box
  • 4.7k potentiometer 


  • Supply voltage : 115-230 V 50 / 60 Hz
    Equipment classification : Class II - BF type
    Operating conditions : Intermittent duty 10 min. / 5 min.
    Max. power consumption : 30 VA
    Min. vibration frequency : 28-36 kHz
    Water pressure : 1 to 5 bar (14 to 72 psi)