Fibre Optic Midwest Turbine Hose Tubing

Fibre Optic Midwest Turbine Hose Tubing
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Fibre Optic Midwest Dental Turbine Hose Tubing:

Our budget Fibre Optic tubings represent terrific value for money and are priced so that you can afford to have a couple of spares in your kit. At less than half the price of almost identical leads they are great value for money. 

  • Silicone 6 Holes Tubing for Fiber Optic Handpiece
  • Outside Light Gray Color Silicone Tubing is around 160cm (63"),
  • Inside Water and Air Tubing is around 200cm (78")
  • Outside silicone sleeve is very smooth.


  • Silicone sleeving with 6 hole connector or 'Midwest'
  • A cost effective alternative to very expensive options 
  • Flexible, soft and durable


  • Light grey colour, approximately 160cm in length
  • Internal water and air tubing, 200cm in length
  •  Coupling is approximately 4.5cm