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Why you MUST drain your dental compressor and how to do it.  01 Apr, 2017

Dental compressors are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your dental practice. Without any compressed air you will be extremely limited as to the operations you can perform. Without compressed air your handpieces will not work or your micromotors will overheat, your spittoon valve ... Read more >>>

What happens when dentists use bleach to clean suction systems?  01 Apr, 2017

In the recent past we have come across numerous dental practices using bleach to clean their dental suction systems.. Is this ok?   Unfortunately the answer is a very loud NO.. this will cause spectacular damage to your suction units over a relatively short period of  time. ... Read more >>>

Spittoon bowl emptying slowly? Here is the probable cause..  01 Apr, 2017

Spittoon bowl emptying slowly? Here is the probable cause.. A great proportion of dental chair spittoons / cuspidors use the Durr spittoon valve. It's job is to allow the suction unit to remove waste water and debris from the bowl without leaving an 'open' connection to the drain which could ... Read more >>>

Horrible smells coming from your dental suction unit?   01 Apr, 2017

  #3: Horrible smells coming from your Durr VSA 300 dental suction unit? Here’s what to do. Greetings! In my last post I talked about how to deduce whether or not your Durr VSA300 dental suction unit needs a service. I mentioned the one way valve and what is ... Read more >>>

You should love your dental equipment engineer.. here's why..  01 Apr, 2017

Dental equipment engineers are qualified, skilled and trained professionals offering dedicated services in dental practices and surgeries. They offer comprehensive dental equipment installation, maintenance and repair service thereby limiting costly downtime that may result from equipment failure... Read more >>>

Are you SURE you can fit an ultrasonic scaler tip correctly?  01 Apr, 2017

  #6: Are you sure you can fit a scaler tip correctly? Greetings!  We asked 100 dentists to show us how they fit a tip to their ultrasonic scalers.. surprisingly we could count the number who did it correctly on one hand! There are basically two types of torque wrench..... Read more >>>

How to tell if your Durr VSA 300 suction motor needs servicing.  01 Apr, 2017

  #2: Does your Durr VSA 300 Dental Suction Motor need a service? How to tell. Greetings! The Durr VSA300 dental wetline suction unit is a favourite among dentists. The design of the unit has hardly changed in 20 years as it has proven so effective in the job it was... Read more >>>

How to correctly diagnose a collapsed suction tubing  01 Apr, 2017

  #5: How to correctly diagnose a collapsed suction tubing.   Greetings!  Dental suction tubings are a curious thing. They need to be light and flexible yet they need to put up with constant sanitisation and bending and they need to be resistant internally to the bu... Read more >>>

Durr VSA300 intake filter, where it is and why you should care.  01 Apr, 2017

#1: How to check and change the intake filter on a Durr VSA 300,  and why you should do it! Greetings! One of the possible reasons you can suffer poor suction from your dental suction /vacuum unit: For the sake of speed you can watch one or all of our short videos about these... Read more >>>

Durr VSA300 amalgam pots, stop the blasted beeping!  01 Apr, 2017

#4: How to change the Amalgam Pot on a VSA 300.. without breaking it or skinning your knuckles. Greetings!  Incorrect removal of the amalgam pot can cause the unit to beep, constantly. Unless you are underneath the unit when you remove the pot you will not be able to see the sensor, ... Read more >>>

Ordering From Presidental!  01 Apr, 2017

Dear All! Did you know you do not need to open an account to order from Presidental? There are many ways to order our products or services..... 1) Buy Online - simply add which products you wish to your shopping cart an then proceed to checkout. We accept Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Ca... Read more >>>