How to tell if your Durr VSA 300 suction motor needs servicing.

Dental Equipment maintenance tips from Chris Rickwood | Saturday, 01 April 2017


#2: Does your Durr VSA 300 Dental Suction Motor need a service?

How to tell.


The Durr VSA300 dental wetline suction unit is a favourite among dentists. The design of the unit has hardly changed in 20 years as it has proven so effective in the job it was designed for. Here are a few telltale signs to look out for indicating that the unit needs to be serviced.. of course the cheaper option is to wait until the unit breaks down sending you into a blind panic about the potentially serious lack of income due to closing down the surgery! Think about it.. when a patient comes into your surgery for a checkup he is essentially asking you if his teeth are going to be ok until the next time he comes and sees you, you examine his teeth and tell him off any problems or any likely problems and you suggest repair or preventative measures. Many, many dentists do not feel the need to do this with their own equipment until they 'need a filling' if you like. Here are some things to look or listen out for regarding one of the most critical pieces of equipment in your surgery.

These are just guidelines but in our experience they are definate things to keep an eye on.

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