Horrible smells coming from your dental suction unit?

Chris Rickwood: Dental Equipment Repair Technician | Saturday, 01 April 2017


#3: Horrible smells coming from your Durr VSA 300 dental suction unit? Here’s what to do.


In my last post I talked about how to deduce whether or not your Durr VSA300 dental suction unit needs a service.

I mentioned the one way valve and what is does, now I shall tell you how to find it and see for yourself if it needs replacing. If you watch our video on how to check the inlet filter you can see next to the inlet pipe there is another smaller connection. Coming from the unit will be 2 or 3 grey connectors and you will see a blue plastic clip joining each of the pieces together. Get a pen or anything pointy and pull out the clip second nearest the unit to reveal the face of the one way valve. BUT... BEFORE you do this and unless you like getting wet do the following: 

Once you have removed the blue clip then pull of the connector you have in your hand and you will now see the one way valve, if you then remove the blue clip nearest the unit you will be able to pull the valve away and into your hand for inspection. You will notice a flap (the valve) and it should be nice and round and should also sit flat when closed, if it is not BOTH of these then you need a new one to prevent water coming back from your drain and into the unit. Worst case scenario is that the pressure from your drain can blow water all the way back through the suction unit and into.. the patient!

That about wraps it up I think.. my next post will be about the amalgam pot, when you should remove it and why and how to remove it without rendering your warning system completely useless.

Until then.


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Next time #4: Durr VSA300 amalgam pots, stop the blasted beeping!