Are you SURE you can fit an ultrasonic scaler tip correctly?

Chris Rickwood: Dental Equipment Repair Technician | Saturday, 01 April 2017


#6: Are you sure you can fit a scaler tip correctly?


We asked 100 dentists to show us how they fit a tip to their ultrasonic scalers.. surprisingly we could count the number who did it correctly on one hand! There are basically two types of torque wrench.. one of them is a silver disc with a cutout to go around the tip and the other is an egg cup sized cylinder with a hole in the bottom for the tip to be inserted into.

The oscillations from the handpiece (in piezo scalers)are transferred through the thread of the handpiece, through the base of the tip and onto the tip point. IF the tip is not tight enough the oscillations will not make it to the tip resulting in a spray which is nowhere near as fine as it should be. Even worse is the fact that the oscillations from the handpiece can actually strip out the thread from your tip or your handpiece rendering them useless.

If you have the silver disc type then please throw it away! You are basically guessing the correct torque that the tip needs to be effective and this is not really possible. If you have the cylinder type then you must do the following: Insert the wrench over the tip and tighten.. read CAREFULLY.. KEEP tightening the tip until the wrench spins in your hand! These cylinders are set to eliver the correct tightness to the tip. Do NOT tighten it until it 'feels' tight.. keep turning it until the wrench spins in your hand. Torque wrenches are available from our website for £7.50 + VAT here.

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