Surgery Maintenance Plan

For just £45 per surgery per month you can relax knowing that all labour costs are covered.

Breakdowns are covered, installation for small or large equipment you buy from us is covered, and even annual servicing is covered (except dental vacuum / suction units)

All you have to do is pay the travel at the rate of £0.45 per mile + VAT both ways and of course pay for any spare parts.

A typical example:

A 3 surgery practice would pay £135 per calender month or £1620 per annum.

Annual service to surgery would be 2 hours, plus 1 hour for Xray, plus 1.5 hours per suction unit plus average of 2 hours for compressor (there may be one or two). This adds up to 15.5 hours@£45 = £697.50.

Let's say that you purchase an Xray, chair, suction unit, compressor.. let's assume 8 hours of installation a year (it could be way more of course) but that's 8 hours@£45 = £360

So for servicing and 8 hours installation work the cost will be £1057.50. This means ALL other callouts, breakdowns or repairs are going to cost just £562.50!!!

Don't forget also that other companies will pull an installation cost out of thin air and will NOT charge you by the hour! So you are quids in on several levels.

Nobody likes nasty financial surprises! Relax knowing that you can say goodbye to massive labour bills and enjoy the knowledge that to a greater degree, you know what the maintenance cost of your practice is going to cost you allowing you to budget for it.

Spaces are STRICTLY limited as we will not compromise the service level we can deliver. In fairness to us for this fantastic deal, NO servicing or installation work will be carried out until you have made your first 3 monthly payments, fair enough? We thought so too..


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