Satelec Endo Success Canal Access Prep Kit

Satelec Endo Success Canal Access Prep Kit
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Satelec Endo Success Canal Access Prep Kit:


Supplied with CAP1, CAP2, CAP3, micro-blade tips, a metallic support and an universal autoclavable wrench.

This ultrasonic tips kit is the perfect solutions for the problems most commonly encountered during apical surgery.


Ref. F88180


Clinical applications

Clinical applications

The success of endodontic treatment involves shaping an irreproachable access cavity. The new "EndoSuccess™ Canal Access Prep" ultrasonic tip kit is the perfect solution for locating and opening hidden or calcified canals and shaping and finishing the access cavity.

These tips increase precision during procedures such as:

- the shaping and widening of the canal walls,

- the localization of canal orifices and MB2 canals in difficult cases,

- the fragmentation of calcifications and pulp stones.

Canal Access Prep 1

Finishing the side walls of the access cavity

Micro-blade mini-tip with non-active end to prevent the risk of perforating the pulp chamber floor. Effectively eliminates cement and dentinal residue resulting in uniform canal walls.

Code number F88181

Canal Access Prep 2

MB2 and hidden canal localization

Micro-blade mini-tip with active end to locate hidden and calcified canals. Allows direct access to the MB (2nd mesio-buccal canal) on 1st maxillary molars or other canals. Cleaning of the pulp chamber floor and opening of mesial canals.

Code number F88182

Canal Access Prep 3

Canal opening

Micro-blade mini-tip with active extremity specifically intended for :

- Canal localization and coronal third opening

- Removal of calcifications, dentine tissue such as pulp stones, dentinal overhangs and filling materials.

- Loosening posts fibers

Due to its aggressive end, the CAP3 must be handled with precaution in order to avoid perforation of the pulp chamber floor.

Code number F88183