Satelec Endo Success Retreatment Kit

Satelec Endo Success Retreatment Kit
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Satelec Endo Success Retreatment Kit


The Endo Success Retreatment kit addresses the problems most commonly met during endodontic retreatment procedures.

The use of the patented Titanium-Niobium alloy is a major innovation giving optimal ultrasound use in the most delicate of circumstances.

At the end of the treatment or the retreatment, cleaning of the root canal is essential to guarantee success. Passive ultrasonic irrigation performed with the new Irrisafe instruments safely remove the smear layer, the dentine debris and the bacteria from the root canal.


Ref. F00737


Clinical applications

The alloys used for this line of tips were selected to withstand the conditions that instruments are subjected to in this type of clinical application. The new titanium-niobium alloy is a majpr innovation that allows optimum use of ultrasound in the trickiest situations.


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The Newtron technology used in SATELEC® piezoelectric generators ensures that the tips work with unequalled efficiency, providing clinicians with the superior precision and reliability they require.
The tips can also be used with all the Supasson type generators.